*Setting up email templates for customer communication

One of the large touch points with customers comes in the form of email communication.

There are four email templates which are called upon:

  • Welcome/Registration

    This email is sent to new customers registering or booking for the first time online.  As well, it can be sent to customers automatically when creating their Address Book entry.

    This welcome message lets the customers know an account has been created and provides their Customer # and Password.

  • Password Recovery

    This is sent to existing customers who have forgotten their password.

    This email can be initiated by the customers online when they request their forgotten password or by employees from the Address Book (tab) > (Find and Select Customer)File > Permissions.

  • Confirmation

    This is the full booking(s) details sent to the customer when creating a new booking.  This can include standard terms and conditions and location information for customers.

  • Notification

    This is similar to the email confirmation, but is used to notify the customer of an update or change to a schedule, or perhaps a caution such as nearby road closures.  The email is marked as important.

You can setup the following for each of the above email templates:

  • Subject
  • Message body


  1. A new customer books online for the first time.

    The customer would receive both the Welcome/Registration email as well as a separate Confirmation email which contains the booking details.

  2. An existing customer books online and marks the box to receive a confirmation email.

    The customer would receive the Confirmation email only.  If a outbound and inbound booking are made together, there will still only be a single Confirmation email which contains the details of both bookings.

  3. The customer calls the reservations department because they can't login due of an incorrect password.

    The employee would find their Address Book entry, highlight it and click File > Permissions (or access via Permissions from the Bookings tab).

    From there they could Generate a new password if appropriate, or simply Email it to the customer.

    The customer would receive the Password Recovery email.

Setting up the email templates:

  1. In the Booking Agent, click File > Configuration > Services.
  2. Click the Messages tab.
  3. There are four options on the right side: Registration, Password, Confirmation and Notification.  These line up with the above four templates.
  4. You can configure the subject and body of each message.
    You can click Edit to open an HTML editor so you easily modify or drop in your message body.
  5. Once you've completed your changes, you can click Test to preview the template by email.

There are several parameters available with each template:

  • Welcome/Registration and Password Recovery

    %CONTACT_ID%: Customer #
    %NAME%: First and last name, or company name (if first and last are blank)
    %PASSWORD%: Password

    %EMAIL%: Email address
    %FIRST%: First name
    %LAST%: Last name
    %BUSINESS_COMPANY%: Company name

  • Confirmation and Notification

    %BOOKINGS%: Dynamically inserts the booking details.  Required.
    %COMMENTS%: Employee entered message to customer

    %CONTACT_ID%: Customer #
    %NAME%: First and last name, or company name (if first and last are blank)
    %EMAIL%: Email address
    %FIRST%: First name
    %LAST%: Last name
    %BUSINESS_COMPANY%: Company name
    %PASSWORD%: Password

Design requirements:

  • HTML inside emails can be more strict than web pages.
    CSS may not supported and inline styles may need to be used.
    Thus you may need to convert a pre-designed HTML page into an email compliant format.


  • -moz- and -webkit- extensions are not always supported.


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