Agent line not appearing below fare in billing tab

If you offer commissions to external agents at your company, then chances are you are accustom to seeing a light blue agent line below the fare on the invoice, under the billing tab.

If this line is missing: The fare inventory item has not been marked as commissionable.

If the line is present but the agent's name is not appearing (as shown in the example above): Commissions have not been marked as enabled for that agent.

Let's walk through the steps to check each one.

1. To check if the inventory item has been marked as commissionable, click Tools>Accounting>Inventory and search for the applicable fare.

In the bottom right hand corner, check the "Commissionable" box

Click OK.

2. To check if commissions have been enabled for that agent, click Tools>Accounting>Agents and search for the applicable agent.

Check the "Enable commissions for the agent" box.

If your commissions are a set price as opposed to a percentage, leave the commission as 0.00%. This will have to be changed manually from the billing tab.

To change the commission from the billing tab, double click the blue agent line.

This will open the properties of this specific commission. Select "Exact Amount($)" and type the dollar amount of the desired commission, then Click OK.

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