*Pricing Groups

Pricing Groups allow fares to be managed on a global level, as opposed to a flight-by-flight basis. Fares are grouped together into pricing groups, and then pricing groups are assigned to flights. Any change that is made to a pricing group will be automatically applied to all flights that have been assigned that pricing group.

To setup a pricing group:

  1. Click ToolsAccounting > Setup > Pricing
  2. In the Pricedrop-down, click <New Item>
  3. Enter description of the Pricing Group
    Example: #100 Pricing, Downtown Tour
  4. Press the Add button to start adding fares
  5. Build your fares using inventory items
  6. Click Close, then OK

To apply pricing group to a flight:

  1. Select the flight and click Properties
  2. Under the Routes tab, double click the route you would like to apply the Pricing Group to
  3. Select the class you are applying the Pricing Group to
    Example: Passengers
  4. Select the tier to which you’d like to apply the Pricing Group, and press Edit
  5. From the Price drop down menu, select the pricing group
  6. Click OK to save, and close the remaining open windows

Use schedule management to apply a Price Group to a collection of flights:

  1. Use the schedule filter to display the desired flights
  2. Select all the flights by pressing Ctrl A
  3. Right click, and select Management>Tiers
  4. Select the class to which you’d like to apply the Pricing Group. Use the Departure and/or Arrival drop downs to further narrow down the flights if you wish. Press Next
  5. From the Tier drop down, select the tier to which you’d like to apply the Pricing Group
  6. Check the Price box, and select the desired Pricing Group from the Price drop down
  7. Press Next
  8. Press OK
  9. Review the list of flights that appear for accuracy. When you are ready, press Process
  10. After the flights have been processed, press Close

View a video tutorial here:



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