Add a credit for customers using a "piggy" bank

The "bank" method of payment provides the flexibility to add a credit to a customer which they can redeem at a later date.

This is especially useful in situations where a customer has paid for a trip but they have since been cancelled and you are unable to refund them their money directly.  A customer paying cash who has left the premises is an common situation.

To setup this form of payment:

  1. Click Tools > Accounting > Setup > Payments.
  2. In the Payment drop-down, click <New Item>.
  3. Enter description of the Payment.
    Example: Piggy Bank, Credit File
  4. Select Bank in the Method of Payment.
  5. Since this payment is infrequently used, ensure the Allow this payment to be marked as the customer’s default is unchecked in the Options tab.
  6. Click OK.

To credit a customer:

  1. Click Refund for the entire invoice or Reverse individual items.
  2. If you click Refund, exit the payment refund window.
  3. There should be an amount owing on the invoice to the customer.
  4. Click Payment and select the Bank form of payment you created.
  5. You can leave the credit defaulted to the current customer or choose another customer.
  6. With the amount owing, it will be entered automatically as a Deposit.
  7. Click OK to save and balance out the invoice.

When the customer wishes to redeem their credit:

  1. Billing Tab > Payment > Piggy Bank
  2. Search for and select customer who’s credit you’d like to use
  3. Enter amount of credit to be redeemed, or press the green dollar sign to load the full price of the invoice, press ok

To review credit on file:

  1. Open an existing booking, or create a new booking for the passenger who’s credit file you wish to view.
  2. Billing Tab > Payment > Piggy Ban > Details


Reporting for credit on file can be found in the web reports under Accounting > Payments > Piggy Bank

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