Setup of Flags


  1. Click Tools > Logistics > Flags.
  2. Select <New Item>.
  3. Enter flag title.
  4. Check Add as Web booking option if desired.
  5. Click OK to save.


Use of flags


From the booking window at time of reservation, click the flag button in the top right hand corner, and select the desired flag from the drop down menu. This flag will load automatically when this booking is opened in the future.

The flag is also displayed in the alert field for this booking on the manifest, and in the customer profile under the bookings tab. The flag is NOT displayed on the printable manifest report.

Applying a flag to the Booking Options of a Customer Profile will automatically apply a flag to all reservations made for that customer.

Open the customer profile.

Bookings tab > Options button > Flags tab

Choose desired flag > OK

Close customer profile

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