*Receipt printer installation (TM-T88V)

  1. Connect the Epson TM-T88V receipt printer with an Ethernet cable into your router and connect it to a power source.
  2. Turn on the printer and press and hold the small reset button on back of receipt printer until there is a print out of the deice information.
  3. If device does not have default IP address (, turn off the printer, hold the reset button and as you are holding the reset button, turn the device back on while remaining to hold the reset button. Keep holding until there is a print out. The device should now be reset back to factory settings.
  4. Download and install the EpsonNetConfig_v453.exe file attached to this article.
  5. Open the Epson Network Configuration Manager and wait until the TM-T88V receipt printer is recognized on the network. If nothing shows up after a few minutes, press the "Refresh" button and wait again.
  6. Now press the Windows button and R at the same time on your keyboard to run a program. In the search bar, type "cmd" and press enter.
  7. A command prompt will show up. Type in "ipconfig" in the command prompt and press enter.
  8. Find where it says "Default Gateway" and record the number exactly as it shows up. The IP address will most likely be 192.168.x.1 (or 10.0.x.1 if you are using an Apple Airport router).
  9. Open up an internet browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and type in the exact IP address of the default gateway you saw or recorded from the command prompt.
  10. Login to your router and find the "DHCP Range." The DHCP range might start from 192.168.x.2 and go to 192.168.x.254. Make sure you choose an IP Address within the range specified in your router settings and record that number.
  11. Click on the TM-T88V in the configuration manager and then click on "Properties"
  12. Find where it says "TCP/IP" and under that, there will be an option called "Basic." Click the "Basic" option.
  13. It will give you an option to change the IP address of the printer. Make sure you enter the exact same IP address you've chosen earlier.
  14. Once you've gone through all the steps to change the IP address, click the Refresh button in the configuration manager to make sure the IP address of the device has change to your IP address of choice.
  15. After you've successfully changed the IP address, download the APD_456E.exe file to install the necessary drivers in order for your computer and the printer to communicate.
  16. During the installation, you will reach an area that gives you drop down menus to select the correct items. Make sure you select TM-T88V on the first drop down menu and select "Ethernet" where it asks for the port.
  17. After the drivers are installed, open Control Panel on your computer, then click on "Devices and Printers," or "Hardware and Sound" then Devices and Printers (depending on which view you have your control panel set up to).
  18. Right-click the "Epson TM-T88V Receipt" item under Printers and Faxes and select "Printer Properties.
  19. The click the "Print Test Page" button. If the printer has printed out a test page, you've successfully setup your device, if not, go back and review the necessary steps to troubleshoot.
  20. Lastly, if the devices on your network are managed using a server, ask your IT administrator to review this article and add the printer's IP address to the DHCP Reservation on the server.
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