#Shortcut Keys and Quick Searches

This is the Shortcut Keys and Quick Searches tutorial. These features will allow agents to navigate through flights faster than by using only the mouse.

Shortcut keys are preset in the program, and are used to navigate through the calendar. Quick Searches are programed by the user, and are used to navigate to specific routings.

Start the Booking Agent.

Click New Booking.

At the bottom of the page in dark blue lettering, Click “Quick Searches”

This will open the Searches Tab, where you can review the commands to create a new quick search, as well as any quick searches you already have in the system.

Close this window and return to the find schedules window. Enter the routing you wish to create a quick search for. If you would like the search to include a specific segment as well, enter that.

To save this as a quick search for only yourself, hold the CTRL key and press the F-key of your choice. To set it as a global search for all agents, use the ALT key instead.

Click the “Quick Searches” at the bottom of the window again to review the searches you have created.

If you have many routes, consider saving one direction of the route only. After using that quick search to access the routing, press CTRL * on your number pad to swap the routing, or press the swap button located at the bottom of the screen.

To view the Shortcut Keys, click on "Shortcut Keys" next to the "Quick Searches" link at the bottom of the Find Schedules screen.

After you have loaded the date and routing using your the keyboard shortcuts, hit enter to run the search.

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