Setting up an account manager to handle employee bookings

The optimum way for an account manager handle employees through the agent feature.

  1. Click Tools > Accounting > Agents.
  2. Click New Entry.
  3. Find or create the Agent in the address book for the account manager.
  4. Enter a Service and Member number.
  5. Ensure Enable commissions for this agent is disabled.
  6. Click the Web tab and check Enable web agent login and assign a password.
  7. Click the Members tab and add any current employees.

This will allow the account manager to create bookings on behalf of the employees.

However, if an employee creates a booking on their own, that will not show up for the account manager because they will not be assigned to the booking.  To ensure that they are added to all employee bookings:

  1. Find an employee in the Address Book.
  2. From the Bookings tab, click Options.
  3. Click the Agent search button and find the account manager in the agents list.
  4. Save address book.

This will allow the agent to track and change all bookings, even if the employee created a booking themselves.

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