*Procedure list for transitioning over to Blue Sky Booking

The transition to the Booking Agent can be made smooth by spreading several steps over a period of time.

The first key is to decide on two important dates, a booking date for reservation and a front counter to start entering bookings and a transition date.

Using these two dates, we can transition the Booking Agent as follows:

  1. Install the Booking Agent on all company computers.  The current reservation procedures or system will be running in parallel with the Booking Agent.

  2. Pick a Transition Date which will be the day the full switch over for all bookings to be inside the Booking Agent.  You can make this as long as you want, but 1 - 2 weeks is generally recommended depending on volume.

  3. Enter your full schedule into the Booking Agent from the transition date forward.

  4. Disable the schedule in your current system for everything after the transition date so no new bookings are accidentally entered after this date.

    Note: You may not be able to disable your schedule after the transition date if you have online bookings which you are transitioning manually.

  5. Manually move all bookings for after the transition date from the old system into the Booking Agent.

  6. The front counter Check In will continue to use the current system.

  7. The reservations department will use both the current system and the Booking Agent to process bookings in the following order:

    Bookings made before the transition date will be entered into the current system.

    Bookings made after the transition date will be entered into the Booking Agent.

    Note: Return flights may need to be split between the two systems if the departure and return bookings straddle the transition date.

  8. On the transition date all front counter Check In and reservation department stations will use the Booking Agent.

  9. The old system can be disabled and/or removed.

Web and mobile bookings

There are several options available for online bookings:

  1. If you do not currently offer online bookings, you can activate the link for the web bookings on or close to the transition date.  If you activate it well before your transition date, you may wish to add a message to your website noting that schedules are only active after the transition date.

  2. If you currently offer online bookings, there are two options:

    1. Leaving your current web booking link active and track and transition the bookings manually between the two systems after the transition date.  You will need to insure availability is the same in both systems so there are not overbookings, this can be done by entering the booking into both systems or adjusting availability in the old system.

    2. Add a separate link for bookings after your transition date.

      You can add a message with a link to your new web bookings site and a contact number for your reservations department with any questions.  You may wish to post a notice along these lines:

      We are upgrading our web bookings interface.  To make a reservation after April 1st please do so through our new web bookings.  If you have any questions, please contact our reservations department.

      » Make a booking before April 1st (linked to old system)
      » Make a booking after April 1st (linked to Blue Sky Booking)

      After the transition date you can remove the old booking link.

      If you have an existing search form, you may be able to add Javascript to re-direct requests depending on the departure and return dates.  This would require the services of a 3rd party developer.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance or have questions about the transition process.

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