Handling credit and redemption in customers personal account.

There are situations where a customer cannot be refunded or requests that it be added to their credit for a later booking.  Perhaps they have used a cash payment for a tour was has since been cancelled and they have left the building.

For this and other situations you can use a bank system which allows customers to add and redeem dollars into their own personal account.

To setup:

  1. Click Tools > Accounting > Payments.
  2. Click <New Item> from the Payment drop-down list.
  3. Enter the name of the payment, such as Bank.
  4. Set the Method of Payment to Bank.
  5. Recommended.  Click Options.  Uncheck Allow Mark as Default.
  6. Click OK.

To add a deposit to the customer account:

  1. Reverse the charges, which can be done by individually selecting them and clicking Reverse.
    An outstanding amount show be showed owing to the customer,
  2. Click Payment and select the Bank form of payment, as created by you.
  3. Click Next.  Optionally select multiple invoices.
  4. In the Bank payment window, you should see the default customer account is selected.
  5. The Method should be set to Deposit.
  6. Enter the Amount to be deposited.
  7. Click OK.
To redeem dollars from a customer account:

  1. In an invoice with an amount outstanding, click Payment and select the Bank form of payment, as created by you.
  2. Click Next.  Optionally select multiple invoices.
  3. Optionally select an alternative Customer by clicking Search.
  4. Enter the Amount to be redeemed.  The amount remaining in the customers account must be at least $0.00.
  5. Click OK.
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