*Creating a Rechargeable Voucher

The advantage of a rechargeable voucher is that all authorizations and redemption's are linked to invoices and vouchers can be "topped up" at any time.

To setup a rechargeable voucher:

  1. Click Tools > Accounting > Vouchers.
  2. Click New Entry.
  3. Enter a Service and Ticket.
  4. Select the Rechargeable radio button.
  5. Optional.  Set any other desired fields such as password, date activation, ownership and redemption list.
  6. Click OK to save.
  7. Click File > Point of Sale.
  8. Click New.
  9. Click Add and create or select an inventory item which will be used to link the voucher.
  10. Select the inventory item and click Edit.
  11. Click the Vouchers tab.
  12. Click New Voucher.
  13. Click Find and select the desired voucher.
  14. Enter the Recharge Value.
  15. Click OK to save.
  16. Click OK to save the billing details.
  17. Click Payment to process the outstanding invoice.
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