Awarding or redeeming plan points through the Point of Sale

The awarding or redeeming plan points through the Point of Sale can be done by linking the customer to the Point of Sale invoice.

When plans are setup, they can be restricted for redemption by selected individuals.  While this is straight forward for bookings as their customer name is attached, if you wish to use the Point of Sale interface, you will need to link a redeemable customer to the invoice first.

  1. Click File > Point of Sale.
  2. Click New.
  3. Click Customer.
  4. Find and select the Customer you wish to use to redeem the points.
  5. Add the desired inventory item.
  6. Edit the plan points line underneath the newly added inventory item.
  7. Select the card number and ensure that Pending is unchecked.
  8. Click OK to save the points changes.
  9. Add any necessary billing and payments.
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