*Creating a primary schedule for handling multiple manifests

There are scenarios where large numbers or blocks of seats are to be sold, but the actual equipment allocation is to be determined at the time of departure.

To create the schedule to manage this scenario:

  1. Create a "primary" schedule with the total combined number of seats.
  2. Create the individual schedule for each "actual" equipment with bookings marked as disabled.
  3. New bookings will be added to the "primary" schedule, limited to the maximum number of seats.
  4. At the time of departure, the primary schedule is disabled and the actual individual schedules are enabled for booking.
  5. As each passenger and group are checked in, they are moved over to one of the open schedules until all the passengers have been checked in an re-assigned.
  6. Each manifest then reflects the actual passenger list for proper seat and weight allocations.

The highlights of this method are:

  • Allows quick review of availability at all times
  • Handles large group bookings and walk-in passengers simultaneously
  • Let you determine how many aircrafts you want to use at flight time
  • Handles all seat and weight issues automatically, independently for each flight
  • A printed manifest for each flight
  • Full history tracking of bookings, passengers and payments
  • Accurate reporting of activity and loads
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